[jcifs] jcifs-0.8.0b released

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Mon Nov 24 21:32:56 EST 2003

This  is  the  first  beta  release  of  the  0.8  series.  There have been
significant  additions  to  this  package. The usual packages are
available in the regular download area.

New features are outlined as follows:

o DFS  -  DFS  support  is  thorough.  All  DFS  operations  are completely
  transparent.  It  Just  Works.  The  client can be redirected an infinate
  number  of  times.  It  will reuse mappings established by other callers.
  Components of a path that do not fall within the DFS space and deep paths
  are  handled  properly. Also, note the new <tt>getDfsPath</tt> method can
  be  used  to  determine  if a file or directory falls within a DFS space.
  This  support  required pervasive changes so proceed with caution and run
  your  unit  tests  with  files  that  span DFS volumes. Please report any
  problems to the jCIFS mailing list.

o Random  Access  Files  -  The <tt>SmbRandomAccessFile</tt> class has been
  added.  All  features  of the analygous <tt>java.io.RandomAccessFile</tt>
  class  are supported and should function as a drop in replacement. Notice
  it   is   now   possible   to   set   the   size   of  a  file  with  the
  <tt>SmbRandomAccessFile.setLength()</tt> method.

o File    Filters    -    Support    for   <tt>SmbFilenameFilter</tt>   and
  <tt>SmbFileFilter</tt>  is  complete.  Because  CIFS  servers  can accept
  attributes  and a wildcard expression for filtering entries on the server
  side,  a  <tt>DosFileFilter</tt>  is  provided  that  will  accept  these
  parameters  and  pass  them to the server. The <tt>DosFileFilter</tt> can
  also  be  extended  to  create  highly  sophisticated  and efficient file
  filters.  Because of this work the <tt>list()</tt> and <tt>listFiles</tt>
  methods have been refactored and actually reduced in size.

o Complete copyTo - The <tt>SmbFile.copyTo</tt> operation will now copy all
  file  attributes  as  well  as  create  and last write times. Directories
  copied  using  this  method should be indistinquishable from the original
  minus  ACLs.  This  method  can now copy entire shares whereas previously
  only sud-directories could be specified.

o Setting Attributes and Times - It is now possible to set file attribites,
  the  create  time,  and  last  write  time  in a variety of ways. The new
  methods     are     <tt>setCreateTime</tt>,     <tt>setLastModified</tt>,
  <tt>getAttributes</tt>, <tt>setAttributes</tt>, <tt>setReadOnly</tt>, and

o Complete   Delete   -   The  <tt>SmbFile.delete()</tt>  method  will  now
  completely  delete  directories  regardless  of wheather or not there are
  read-only files in them.

o The createNewFile Method - An <tt>SmbFile.createFile</tt> method has been

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