[jcifs] jcifs and NT domain users/groups enumeration

Dmitri Dolguikh dmitri.dolguikh at abridean.com
Fri Nov 21 02:01:55 EST 2003

Oops, thunderbird tried to preserve html formatting. The snippet should 
look like this:



> Hi list,
> I took a quick glance over available documentation and examples, but 
> still can't seem to find whether it is possible to enumerate 
> users/groups in a domain using jcifs. Could someone enlighten me please?
> On the separate note, in the Network Explorer servlet example 
> (http://jcifs.samba.org/src/docs/ntlmhttpauth.html), shouldn't servlet 
> mapping be something like that (note '/*' at the end of url-pattern):
> <servlet-mapping>
>     <servlet-name>*NetworkExplorer*</servlet-name>
>     <url-pattern>*/NetworkExplorer/**</url-pattern>
> </servlet-mapping>
> Thanx,
> -Dmitri

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