[jcifs] Re: Fwd: Novell and jCIFS

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Sat Nov 8 07:04:35 EST 2003

Hi Jim,

Unfortunately changing/setting a users password will require RPC[1] which
is still a good way off. We have 0.8 then cleanup and then RPC.


[1] Someone implemented the RAP command to set a users password. It wasn't
quite right but it was very very close to working. I never pursued it
because RPCs are the long term proper solution but if it's really
important to you you might be able to dig it out of the archives and make
it work.

> Do you know if setUserPassword is on the roadmap?

A program should be written to  model the concepts of the task it
performs rather than the physical world or a process because this
maximizes the  potential for it  to be applied  to tasks that are
conceptually similar and, more  important, to tasks that have not
yet been conceived.

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