[jcifs] The 16-ton weight.

Fang T. Wondermoose crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Fri Jun 20 05:14:52 EST 2003

On Tuesday evening the dark forces of the underworld dropped a 16-ton
weight on my head.  The dark forces seem to be having their way these 

The motherboard on my main workstation blew out (six days past end of
warranty) and on the same night I discovered that the primary drive on my
home mailserver had given up.  It never rains, but it... gurgle...

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts or, in this case, the
'hole' is deeper than the sum of the impact craters.  I also found that
the backups of my E'mail directories were mangled.  I lost about 51MB of
archived E'mail.

I pulled an all-nighter last night and managed to recover everything
except the archived E'mail.  My workstation came back to life following a
motherboard replacement (it has a new brain).  As for the E'mail server, I
gutted three burnt-out boxes and managed to pull together a motherboard
with a 200MHz processor, a 10GB drive, and a 4GB drive.  I'll either do a
little software RAID thing, or simply run nightly backups to the second
drive with weekly and monthly archives.  I now have a new OS on the
FrankenPC and an initial sendmail config that appears to be working.  
Probably some bugs to work out, so I'm being careful.

The point of all that was to let you know that
- I may have lost some recent E'mail
- I have certainly lost some older E'mail
- I haven't had enough sleep


I'm sure the world got along fine without me, I just don't want anyone to
be annoyed if I haven't answered a question or something.

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