[jcifs] jCIFS NTLM HTTP Authentication / grant access to roles

eglass1 at attbi.com eglass1 at attbi.com
Tue Jun 17 21:24:24 EST 2003

> My question is, is it possible to define roles and if so, where can 
> i define them.

Not currently.  To support role mappings, you would have to modify
NtlmHttpServletRequest and override isUserInRole(), i.e.:

public boolean isUserInRole(String role) {
   // look up role membership, etc.

You would look up the user in that method using whatever means you define.
While it would be possible to modify the "stock" NtlmHttpServletRequest
in this way (to provide a standard user-role mapping file, for example), it
would be fairly ad hoc and kludgy; you would be better off using an
application specific modification as above.

While it would be really cool to use the actual domain groups in which the
user has membership, that would require DCE/RPC (which we don't currently
support, and I don't know that Mike has plans to -- at least not in the
near future).  If we ever do get DCE/RPC support, this will be the first
thing I do ;)


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