[jcifs] Problem with NtlmServlet

Eric eglass1 at attbi.com
Fri Jun 13 09:01:25 EST 2003

dave mobley wrote:
> Tomcat is just my testing servlet engine.
> My ultimate goal is to get this to work on Domino R5.  Domino uses an 
> older jsdk and servlet manager.  NtlmServlet is billed to work on these 
> types of configurations.
> any ideas?
> thanks
> dave mobley
> scprotz at hotmail.com
>> From: "Allen, Michael B (RSCH)" <Michael_B_Allen at ml.com>
>> To: "'dave mobley'" <scprotz at hotmail.com>, jcifs at lists.samba.org
>> CC: Nathan.Zentner at paccoast.com
>> Subject: RE: [jcifs] Problem with NtlmServlet
>> Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 18:20:29 -0400
>> Why are you using NtlmServlet? What wrong with using the NtlmHttpFilter?
>> Mike

NtlmServlet doesn't provide the request.getRemoteUser() functionality -- 
you have to get the username from the session via 
session.getAttribute("ntlmuser").  The reason is that the filter uses 
HttpServletRequestWrapper to provide the getRemoteUser(), and 
HttpServletRequestWrapper wasn't introduced until Servlet 2.3 (along 
with filters).


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