[jcifs] listFiles(String wildcard) method

Dan Dumont ddumont at us.ibm.com
Tue Jul 22 06:53:29 EST 2003

crawler examples, eh?
Speaking of crawlers, have you gotten a chance to look at my crawling 

> Hi everyone,
> I've just started using jcifs and have across a problem using
> listFiles(wildcard). When I use this method it will only return files
> within
> one directory level of a server name. This doesn't happen with just
> listFiles() however, and I can't figure out why as it's just calling
> listFiles("*").
> An example. Using listFiles() and then toString() on the returned array 
> get
> and
> but when I used listFiles("*jpg") and the toString() I only get
This is the prescribed behavior. Listing files does not recurse into
sub-directories. Perhaps you could adapt the crawler examples in the
examples directory.

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