[jcifs] Why would auth work on one server and not on another?

Allen, Michael B (RSCH) Michael_B_Allen at ml.com
Mon Jul 14 11:23:39 EST 2003

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> (One last try, and for all those that might have received this multiple
> times, I'm very sorry..)
> Here is a packet capture I've made.  It appears that IE is sending a
> response back to the server (it's 2nd 'get').  If this were the case though,
> I would think the server would be responding.  Mozilla seems to think
> everything is ok and does respond (actually makes the 2nd 'get'), but on
> Domino, i've been watching, and the 2nd 'get' request is never made by IE.
	Actually the second request is being submitted but the server is RST-ing
	the connect. The server is closing the connection with each request. I don't
	know why Mozilla works but I'm not surprised IE doesn't. I fear you're trying
	to scale a brick wall here Dave. You really need a newer container.

> I really don't know how to read the ethereal packets that well and so here
> is what I 'think' but don't know why it is happening:
> Mozilla, even though it gets a 'Connection: closed' header, continues with
> the NTLM logon (and the server obliges by accepting the 2nd 'get') and thus
> completes the negotiation.
> IE, also receives the 'Connection: closed' header, and as per the trace in
> ethereal, actually generates and sends out a 2nd 'get', but yet, on my
> server, I have turned on every flag possible, and no 2nd 'get' request is
> ever made.  It is almost as if IE makes the request, but it doesn't go
> anywhere.
> Again, maybe I am reading the capture incorrectly, so please, correct me if
> I am wrong.
	No I think you're reading it correctly. It is strange that the server is RST-ing
	the socket though. I don't see why that request should be treated differently
	from any other. Could an exception be getting thrown inside somewhere that
	you're not seeing?


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