[jcifs] Why would auth work on one server and not on another?

Dave Mobley scprotz at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 13 03:58:35 EST 2003

I have been looking over the packet information and it seems that IE "IS"
sending back a type 3 response (I copied the actual information and parsed
it and it was a valid type 3 message being sent back).  Could it be that my
web server is dropping the connection after it sends the type 2 (Possibly IE
is telling it to do this?)?

Sorry about my lack of http protocol knowledge.  Just trying to track down
why 1 browser works and the other doesn't.

thanks so much

Dave Mobley
scprotz at hotmail.com

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> > Now I just need to figured out why IE is hiccuping...this is supposed to
> > IE's natural ability.  Any ideas on how I could go about figuring this
> > (I don't know enough about the http protocol to know where to look at
> > moment.)
> >
> My guess would be the connection close being sent by the container with
> Type 2 message; you could do a packet trace to confirm, but my guess is
> Mozilla will accept a closed connection during the negotiation.  IE, on
> other hand, definitely will not.
> Eric

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