[jcifs] jCIFS housecleaning questions

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Tue Jul 8 22:14:57 EST 2003


I went through and did a general code cleanup on most of my stuff; I had a 
couple of questions before putting the finishing touches on, though:

1) In NtlmHttpFilter, we cache the name of the domain controller, and then do:

    UniAddress.getByName(domainController, true);

to get the UniAddress in each call to doFilter.  In NtlmServlet, however, we 
have it doing the lookup in the initializer and storing the UniAddress object 
for future use.  I'm not sure if UniAddress does its own name caching, so the 
latter may or may not be more efficient.  Which approach should I adopt?

2) I wasn't able to locate the ServerMessageBlock.writeTime function mentioned 
previously; there is a writeTime method, but it appears to be the complement of 
readUTime (using a 32-bit value).  There is a readTime that *reads* the 64-bit 
time value I am looking to write, but I couldn't locate a corresponding writer 
function.  As a reference, I'm currently implementing this as:

    static void writeTime(long time, byte[] dest, int offset) {
        time += 11644473600000l; // milliseconds from January 1, 1601 -> epoch.
        time *= 10000; // tenths of a microsecond.
        for (int i = 0; i < 8; i++, time >>>= 8) dest[offset + i] = (byte) time;

But the daylight savings adjustments made in the other *Time methods would 
probably be appropriate.

3) I *think* the only usage of Base64 is in the HTTP stuff; if so, I was going 
to suggest the possibility of using the attached implementation.  It's quite a 
bit cleaner, and about 2.5X faster.  This isn't as general-purpose as our 
current implementation, however (it doesn't implement linewrapping, but neither 
does HTTP).

Let me know how I should proceed on these, and I'll repost my updated items.  


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