[jcifs] How to create a directory ?

LE SQUER Rodolphe RLESQUER at aston.fr
Tue Jul 8 18:13:09 EST 2003

 I've got it. I used the File.separator to get the system specific separator
( it is of course a '\' under Windows :-) ). It seems to work to create a
file, but not for a directory (got an invalid directory error). I replace
File.separator with a '/' and it is ok. 

 Thanks for your answer and your great work on jcifs.

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(new SmbFile("smb://server/share/")).mkdir()  // not possible
(new SmbFile("smb://server/")).mkdir()  // not possible
(new SmbFile("smb://workgroup/")).mkdir()  // not possible
(new SmbFile("smb://server/share/directory/")).mkdir()  // ok if you
have permission

What's the error?

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> Hello,
>  I am not able to create a directory with the mkdir() or mkdirs()
method of
> the SmbFile class. The javadoc says that you cannot create a directory
> used with smb://, smb://workgroup, smb://server, or smb://server/share
> My question may be stupid (sorry), but how can I create a SMB URL
without a
> workgroup, server or share in it ?

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