[jcifs] Long share names and russian letters in filenames

Christopher R. Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Tue Jul 8 03:45:45 EST 2003

On Mon, Jul 07, 2003 at 08:38:01PM +0400, ???????? ???????????? wrote:
> Hi, all jcifs developers!
> I have the latest jcifs release 0.7.8, and recently I got stuck on 2 problems:

Actually, the latest is 0.7.10.  It is my job to get a new web server 
running so that we can keep it up to date.  It is my fault that this has 
not been done.

> - Number one is that all shares with names longer than 12 symbols are not
> visible! (I'm using the listFiles() method, didn't try list())

That is Microsoft's fault.  The RAP function that is used to list share 
names has a limit of 13 bytes per share name (the 13th is a nul 
terminator).  Windows 9/x also has the same problem.  In order to list 
share names longer than 12 characters you need to perform an MS-RPC 
function call.  MS-RPC if a *very* bit and *very* difficult problem.
We have not implemented MS-RPC yet.

Note that there are probably DCE/RPC projects for Java, and we may be able 
to leverage one of those.

> - Number two is rather more specific, but still:
> When I open an SmbFile with URL like "<some_path>/<last_name_in_russian>",
> it does open, but some operations like delete(), renameTo(), and maybe 
> some other, are executed upon the "<some_path>/" file instead! So, when 
> I tried to begin with URL like
> "<some_path>/<latin_letter><the_rest_in_russian>" the operations were
> executed with "<some_path>/<latin_letter>". The <some_path> part may
> contain Russian letters, and it works correctly, but whenever those
> letters are encountered after the last slash, they are ignored.

I will have to defer to others on this issue.  I'm not the Unicode guy.

> I suppose the second feature is a bug, but is the first a feature?
> Best regards...

Hope I've been some help.  :)

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