[jcifs] Creating file with hash ('#') in filename

Allen, Michael B (RSCH) Michael_B_Allen at ml.com
Mon Jan 20 10:19:54 EST 2003

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> From:	Christopher R. Hertel [SMTP:crh at ubiqx.mn.org]
> > Let's review what we agree on. The characters that are required to be
> > escaped in the SMB URL for RFC2396 conformance are:
> > 
> >           ' |#%^`{}'
> > 
> > and non-ASCII characters. However because SMB path names support
> > Unicode, how these characters would be escaped is not clear. If each
> > character was converted to a UTF-8 multibyte sequence and each byte in
> > turn were escaped the frequency and appearence of these URLs would make
> > the process unreasonable and for many scripts (e.g. Cryllic) they would
> > be pathologically unusable.
> > 
> >         That's the problem. Right?
> Yes.  Good summary, but I will add one more problem to the pile.
> (...which I think you were the one to point out.)
> In order to escape the non-ASCII characters, there must be an agreed-upon
> encoding.  Consider this:  %12%AB
> Is that 0x12AB or 0xAB12?  In UCS2LE encoding, it would be the latter.
> How would the same value be represented in UTF-8?
	No Chris. The actual encoding of an input string is totally irrelivant to URL
	escapes. URL escapes can only be ASCII. Internally you just have a sequence
	of UCS codes. I know exactly what you're trying to say but you're just off track
	on this. You should not be concerned with Unicode encodings, codepages,
	terminals, or anything like that.

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