[jcifs] '/' required at the end of directories

Allen, Michael B (RSCH) Michael_B_Allen at ml.com
Mon Jan 20 09:25:22 EST 2003

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> From:	Christopher R. Hertel [SMTP:crh at ubiqx.mn.org]
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> > > The solution is semantic, not syntactic, I'm afraid.  You'd have to 
> > > contact the server and ask it "what is this thing".  If it's a directory, 
> > > then add the slash.
> > 
> > Which means we would have to actually connect to the server and query
> > the resource just to parse it. Ha. No.
> We do that anyway, in other areas.  We contact servers to discover the 
> semantic differences between an NBT name and a DNS name.  We contact 
> servers to discover NBT vs. naked TCP (port 445) transport.  We do that a 
> lot already.  That's a problem with SMB.
> In this case, however, I strongly suspect that the semantic differences 
> between a directory and a file won't matter *until after* the server is 
> contacted anyway.  Something like:
>   smb://server/share/something
> can probably remain ambiguous until you've talked to the server about it.
	No because it must be known when you create the java.net.URL object which is
	in the SmbFile constructor. We can get away with querying the server vs.
	workgroup distinction. I was going to rip that out but I thought users were going
	to need to do it anyway so we might as well do it for them. And it doesn't happen
	all that frequently. But when you're manipulating a big list of URLs and most of
	them are files you cannot go off onto the network and query each to determine
	if it's really a directory. That would be slower than evolution.

	Just a reminder, because it already got chopped above, the problem is internal to
	the java.net.URL when you create a new URL from a context URL object and a
	relative path like:

	  smb://server/share/dir/ + file.txt => smb://server/share/dir/file.txt
	  smb://server/share/dir + file.txt => smb://server/share/file.txt

	See how the 'dir' got chopped. I believe this is correct URL behavior BTW. With
	jCIFS this is done for each SmbFile returned in SmbFile.listFiles() for example.
	There really is no way around this one I'm afraid.

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