[jcifs] SmbFile doesn't implement getInputStream() and getOut putStream()

Glass, Eric eric.glass at capitalone.com
Fri Jan 17 22:49:36 EST 2003

> > 
> > At any given time, a subclass of URLConnection can examine 
> the doOutput,
> > etc. fields to determine whether to allow a specific 
> operation to proceed.
> > 
> 	But why would you need to do that? Is this some kind of 
> optimisation? So you
> 	do not have to reserve an output buffer in advance or something?

If I were to venture a guess, I would think it would be for subclass
flexibility; for some protocols (such as file://), the connect() method may
have to perform differently based on whether the user intended to read or
write to/from the resource (i.e., opening the file read-write or read-only).

For setIfModifiedSince and setUseCaches, the intent is optimization (if
supported by the protocol, these allow conditional retrievals and retrieval
from cache, respectively).

setAllowUserInteraction is just a "hint" that it is permissible to ask
questions of the user if insufficient information was provided to establish
the connection; for SMB URLs, for example, you could pop up an
authentication dialog if the user did not have sufficient privileges to open
the resource.


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