[jcifs] threading

Michael B. Allen miallen at eskimo.com
Sun Feb 23 19:10:29 EST 2003

On Sun, 23 Feb 2003 00:31:06 -0500
Dan Dumont <dan at canofsleep.com> wrote:

> That's fine with me, perhaps I did not make my intentions clear.  I
> don't mind if it blocks the thread.  What I do mind is that it blocks
> all other threads trying to connect also.
> The whole program locks up while I wait for one thread to connect.  

That is not correct. Something is very wrong then. Can you describe
to us how to reproduce the problem? Do any of the examples like
ThreadedSmbCrawler reproduce the problem? How do you know that all of your
threads are blocked due to one thread making a system call as opposed to
all threads being blocked because they're all trying to connect to hosts
that are not listening? You said you are connecting to IP addresses? Where
are you getting the IP addresses? Please reduce the errant program to
a bare minimum and get a Thread dump by sending it a SIGQUIT. In UNIX
this is Ctrl+'\'. In Windows I believe it is Ctrl+Break. I really need
much much more information. What does your code do? How many threads
are running? What version of jCIFS are you using? How long does it take
for your application to lockup? If it's a short time (say 15 senconds)
get a packet capture and send it to me.


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