[jcifs] Re: [OT] Java Based Master Browser

Matthew Tippett matthew at casero.com
Sat Feb 8 09:50:48 EST 2003

 > If you are not trying to modify the behavior of the master browser I
 > do not see the benifit of not using nmbd. It should meet your needs
 > perfectly.

To maintain flexibility we would prefer to stay with a Java based 
solution.  We may use nmbd but we may have to move off Linux into a pure
Java environment so we don't want to lose functionality.

 > PS: I never really understood what you guys are doing with jCIFS
(none of
 > my business either) but you do realize that jCIFS cannot register a
 > with the master browser.

We are building an embedded system targetted at the consumer market 
(nice and non-specific huh :).  We are using JCIFS to access local 
machines on the home network.  Most corporate windows systems don't 
become a master browser when they are not connected to a corporate

Consequently we can't locate the machines on the network (achieved 
through the smb:/// URL) with those systems.  If we have a fall back LMB
we can fall back to what we need if there isn't a consumer windows 
version available locally.

So we are using JCIFS purely as a CIFS client.  But without the LMB we 
can't get very far at all.  Consequently the only server component we 
forsee needing is a LMB of some sort. (see the first paragraph).



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