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That's the missing piece.  Thanks.  I can dig into that now.

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On Tue, Feb 04, 2003 at 05:45:13AM -0500, Glass, Eric wrote:
> Chris/All,
> I think this was discussed previously, but I figured I'd bring it up again
> in the interests of pedantry ;).  The SMB URL draft currently specifies the
> following with regards to encoding non-ASCII characters in paths:
>    NetBIOS names, share names, and the directory paths and filenames
>    offered by an SMB server may all contain characters from outside the
>    7-bit US-ASCII character set.  Applications MUST support the use of
>    the URL escape sequence as described in [RFC2396] to accommodate
>    octet values that represent non-US-ASCII characters.
> RFC 2396 doesn't appear to address non-ASCII characters; actually, it
> states:
>    This document does not discuss the issues and recommendation for dealing
>    with characters outside of the US-ASCII character set [ASCII]; those
>    recommendations are discussed in a separate document.
> The "separate document" appears to be RFC 2718, which states:
>    When describing URL schemes in which (some of) the elements of the
>    URL are actually representations of sequences of characters, care
>    should be taken not to introduce unnecessary variety in the ways
>    in which characters are encoded into octets and then into URL
>    characters.  Unless there is some compelling reason for a
>    particular scheme to do otherwise, translating character sequences
>    into UTF-8 (RFC 2279) [3] and then subsequently using the %HH
>    encoding for unsafe octets is recommended.
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