[jcifs] help required in copyto function

sharanth kumar sharanthkumar at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 27 18:07:21 GMT 2003

dear sir/madam

i am having a sun solaris system and i am using jCIFS to create a smb client so that i can access directories and files from windows  machine.but inorder to use the CopyTo function present in the SMBFile i must know the source and destination smb path. but in the case of a solaris machine i know only the source path but the destination path is only in the form of local path and not of a smb path.

                    how to copy a file/directory from a windows machine to a solaris machine using jCIFS ,if any alternate to the CopyTo is seen please tell me sir.

thanking you

                                                                                 your's faithfully

                                                                                           sharanth kuamr

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