[jcifs] Latest Spam frenzy on jCIFS

Greg Taylor Greg.Taylor at workbrain.com
Tue Dec 23 20:55:36 GMT 2003

The latest bombardment seems to come mostly from the ru.ru and ok.ru
domains.  I'm filtering them personally now, but I'm not sure if you ever
get any legit traffic from them.  I guess it depends which side you want to
err on...

Good luck,

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We've had the discussion before, but I'll repeat it...

Nailing down the anti-spam security of a public mailing list such as the 
jCIFS list is difficult.

- We don't want to exclude non-members since many of the new topics on 
  the list come from outside.  The project is running in the open, and 
  should be publicly available.  That, of course, opens the window to the 

- The same Samba Team folk who run the Samba and Samba-Technical lists 
  also run the jCIFS list.  There is fairly constant chatter amongst the 
  Team regarding appropriate safeguards.  As list manager, I have been 
  spending time lately dealing with un-approved postings that were caught 
  by the Spam filters.  Most of these are trash, and I trash them.  I have 
  not seen the volume that I've had in the past, but several messages
  *are* being caught in the filters.

- I am hoping that there is something in the current flood that will be 
  identifiable enough to help us filter these out as well.

- I will talk to the folks who run the mail software at Samba.org about 
  removing offensive trash from the archives.

Sorry for the mess.  If folks want to have a polite, constructive
conversation about any of this it would probably be a good thing.

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