[jcifs] Cannot get jcifs.http.NtlmHttpFilter to work

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Fri Dec 19 23:34:47 GMT 2003

> Unfortunately, Ethereal hasn't captured the 8080 http packets - because
> it's running locally. Are these the key ones you're interested in?

Do Capture > Start > and change the Interface field to 'any' or it might say
'Pseudo-device that captures on all ...'. You really need to do this on the host
that is running jCIFS so we can see the dialog with the web client *and* the
domain controller. Finally, close IE, start the capture, and then try accessing
the filter. This will ensure that we see the entire negotation.

Otherwise, from looking at the two captures I cannot tell what is happening. In
one capture I see the initial 401 response but the NTLM type-1-message is never
sent by the client. In the second capture it's just a session setup and Access
denied response.

Just for diagnostic purposes you might try setting jcifs.http.domainController to
a workstation that is a member of the domain. It is strange that jCIFS works
without the filter.

Also for diagnostics purposes try the examples/Exists program like this:

  Exists smb://dom;user:pass@<ip_of_auth_server>/IPC$

I believe this basically simulates what the filter is doing. The second capture
shows this failing with what looks like valid credentials.


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