[jcifs] Mike or Chris

Dan Dumont Dan at canofsleep.com
Wed Apr 30 07:12:09 EST 2003

I have made some headway in my troubles to use jcifs as my smb interface.
But I am still having a few issues and I was wondering if you could take a
look at what I have now, and maybe offer some advice.


In order to address the issue that I was having earlier with the maxmpxcount
being decremented, I changed this line in SmbTransport.java :


 mpxCtrl.maxMpxCount        = negotiatedMaxMpxCount < 1 ?

                                        1 : negotiatedMaxMpxCount; 


what I did was comment out the line completely.  I do not understand why you
would ever have any less mpx connections than open hosts (in my case
threads) at a time.


This proved to be a GREAT improvement in speed of the index.  


The issue I am facing now is that I tried an index over the list of ip
addresses that my current perl setup uses and found that I can connect with
about 20% less servers than my perl one connects with.  I know this isn't
much to go on, but were you aware of anything that would make jcifs unable
to  connect to certain kinds of hosts, where smbclient would not have a


Or do you think it might have something to do with my little modification.
I dunno.    I will be generating log files of what hosts each server picks
up and comparing them and running tests on both servers, but I wanted to ask
if you had any ideas first.

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