[jcifs] Using JCIFS with JRun 4

eglass1 at attbi.com eglass1 at attbi.com
Fri Apr 18 03:51:25 EST 2003

> What we are trying to accomplish is to grab the domain and user name of the

> currently logged in NT user, pass that to our web application and then match
> it to our own legacy security system within the web app. It all works great
> through Tomcat and plugging Jrun into the Apache Web Server but I am being
> pressed for a solution using either JRun on it's own or with IIS as a lot of
> our clients have that combination currently.

If you already have to use IIS, this is fairly easy to do without jCIFS'
NTLM Filter.  Assuming you have successfully configured the JRun ISAPI filter
so that IIS is forwarding servlet/JSP requests to the JRun process:

1.  Open the properties for the Default Web Site under the IIS management tool.
2.  On the "Directory Security" tab, under "Access Control", clear out
"Anonymous Access" and select "Integrated Windows Authentication".
3.  Remove the NtlmHttpFilter from the deployment descriptor of your servlet.

IIS will authenticate the clients, and the username should be visible via
request.getRemoteUser() in your servlet/JSP.  This is basically the
functionality that the jCIFS NTLM filter was designed to reproduce; if you're
roped into using IIS already, you might as well employ the native
functionality.  You can still use jCIFS to access SmbFiles, etc. in this
configuration; you're just using IIS' native authentication mechanism.


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