[jcifs] SmbTransport.java

Dan Dumont Dan at canofsleep.com
Thu Apr 17 05:42:40 EST 2003

On line 233:
do {
   try {
       socket = new NbtSocket( naddr, calledName, port, localAddr, localPort
   catch( NbtException ne ) {
            if( ne.errorClass == NbtException.ERR_SSN_SRVC &&
                                ( ne.errorCode ==
                                ne.errorCode ==
                        Log.println( Log.WARNINGS, "smb warning",
ne.getMessage() );
            else {
               throw ne;
} while(( calledName = address.nextCalledName()) != null );

I am noticing that when a try certain hosts, it catches a NbtException and
the error class is ERRSSN_SRVC && NOT_LISTING_CALLED  so, it matches the if,
prints to the log, and trys again!!!!

Why are you trying again if it's not listing on called name?!

This relates to my previous message.  The other threads are caught up in an
aquire mid
And this thread marches through this infinite loop.  Never releasing
decrementing mpxCount.

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