[jcifs] need help to run the examples

ardi reddish41 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 15 19:02:59 EST 2003

Hi.. all

I'm very interested in this jcifs project, but it sad
to know that im very poor to java programming.
Excuse me if this question is to basic for all of you
and I guess it's about configuring java.
I tried to find the answer on the net, but i didn't
get anything. So I guess someone here will answer my

I've download the jar file from the website and
install the sun j2sdk v1.3.1. I tried to compile the
examples from the jcifs directory and add the
classpath to the jcifs jar file and it works well. But
when I tried to run the class file also with classpath
option directed to the jcifs jar file, i got an error
like this :

Exception in thread "main"

Why this error occurs..?? 
I noticed that all of the java examples in that
directory use the throws clause (throws Exception). Is
this because I didn't add the class of the exception
or something else in java environment that I should

Thanks all


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