[jcifs] jCIFS and jBoss?

eglass1 at attbi.com eglass1 at attbi.com
Tue Apr 15 02:51:47 EST 2003

It's a bit of a loaded question; JBoss is capable of running under various 
servlet containers.  Whether the NTLM filter will work is dependent on the 
support provided by the container.  Any Servlet 2.3-compatible container should 
(in theory) work.  I've never really messed around with JBoss, so I'm not sure 
how true that holds in practice.  Looking at the sourceforge site for JBoss 
(http://sourceforge.net/projects/jboss), it appears that it can be used with 
both 2.2 and 2.3 Servlet containers.  Filter support was added in the Servlet 
2.3 spec, so the NTLM filter won't work with 2.2 containers.

Also, it is technically not Sun Certified (there is a big ongoing controversy 
surrounding this).  From what I have heard, however, it is fully compliant; the 
JBoss folks just haven't had the resources or inclination to cough up the hefty 
certification test fees required by Sun.

> There was a question asked here at the SambaXP conference regarding jBoss 
> and jCIFS.  Does the jCIFS NTLMSSP module work with jBoss (or is this an 
> invalid question)?
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> an Open Source, Sun Certified J2EE implementation.
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