[jcifs] no name with type 0x00 with no scope for host.... rev isted

Allen, Michael B (RSCH) Michael_B_Allen at ml.com
Thu Apr 10 12:16:55 EST 2003

Was this ever resolved Michael? I've done some testing and looked at the code
but I don't see a problem. If you're still experiencing a problem, please let me
know which version of jCIFS you're using and if resolveOrder=DNS fixes the problem.


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> > It always works on the first try and always fails on subsequent attempts,
> > and of course nbtstat -a always works too (how lovely).
> > 
> 	This sounds like the initial name query is failing and polluting the name
> 	service cache with a negative response but then finding the name using
> 	DNS. On subsequent attempts it finds the name in the name service cache
> 	as negative and gives up. The name service code is supposed to avoid this
> 	problem. Which version of JCIFS are you using? I don't think 0.6.8 handles
> 	this situation correctly. Try setting resolveOrder=DNS. If that fixes the
> 	problem than it's a bug in JCIFS or you're using 0.6.x.
> 	Mike

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