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Christopher R. Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Tue Apr 8 21:16:51 EST 2003

eglass1 at attbi.com wrote:
> This is more of a question for Mike and/or Chris -- what's the "official"
> jCIFS site at the moment?  http://jcifs.samba.org seems to have 0.7.3;
> http://users.erols.com/mballen/jcifs has the latest stuff, but that appears
> to be under Mike's personal page.  If I remember right, there was some sort
> of disk issue with the samba site, but I thought it was resolved.  I wanted
> to tell some people where they could get jCIFS from, but I wasn't sure which
> answer would be correct going forward.

A very fair question...

The server that held jcifs.samba.org was hosted at an excellent site with
very good connectivity.  The person who offered the site left the company,
however, and although they were nice folks when the disk went crash they
opted not to continue hosting us.  They didn't have anyone left on staff
willing to take ownership.

At the University of Minnesota, where I work, the CS department is currently
hosting several OpenSource mirror.  They even have a SourceForge mirror. 
They've offered to do a Samba/jCIFS mirror, and I'm planning on taking them
up on it.  It will be a while, though, as I'm swamped.

In the mean time, jcifs.samba.org is on one of the other Samba mirrors and
Mike is working out syncing with another Samba Team person.  Should be good
to go soon.

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