[jcifs] Timeout connecting to AS400 using jcifs.

Allen, Michael B (RSCH) Michael_B_Allen at ml.com
Tue Apr 8 09:49:43 EST 2003

Well from looking at the dump the OemDomainName field in 
the SMB_COM_NEGOTIATE response is 'IPC' in ASCII even though the
Capabilites and flags2 fields indicates Unicode is supported and
other strings appear to be Unicode. The result is the OemDomainName of
'?C'. In the SMB_COM_TREE_CONNECT_ANDX there are mixtures of 8bit and
Unicode strings. Again flags2 indicates these strings are Unicode. I'm
surprised this 'AS/400 Support for Windows Network Neighborhood' works
with Windows let alone jCIFS. Sorry, but there's little chance I would
add the necessary kludges to support such a poor implementation. It would
not be too difficult to add such hacks provided the result were only used
on OS400. First, try setting useUnicode=false. Then identfy every place
where strings are encoded and decoded and change the 'getBytes()' to
'getBytes( encoding )' and 'new String( bytes )' to 'new String( bytes,
encoding )' like jcifs-0.7.x does so you can add a jcifs.encoding=EBCDIC
property. Unfortunately I don't have the time or patience to provide
platform specific patches. Perhaps you should speak to the vendor that
supplied this "server". Of course it's always possible that my diagnosis is
wrong. If you can get a packet capture of NT 4.0 <--> OS400 and jCIFS
<--> OS400 by all means send it to me and I'll confirm that jCIFS isn't
doing something that is casing the server to behave so strangely.


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> Mike,
> I have attached another dump.  Although, as I said last time I was getting a response from ListFiles something wierd is happening.
> The directory being listed only contains 11 items, but the response is saying there are 71.  As you can see from the dump the AS400 is giving the right files.
> Yes, I am running on jcifs-0.6.8,  the version of OS400 I have only supports Java 1.2 currently.  I know the folks at JTOPEN, the open-source AS400 Java toolkit are very interested in SMB access to
> NetServer/400 (although I guess your licensing isn't necessarily compatible with theirs).  But anyway, if this worked, there could be a potential for other /400 shops to be interested.
> I am not whether I am able to run a packet capture on our network, I will have to consult with our IT druids.
> As for the encoding...It looks like the AS400 is only responding in ASCII.  That looks like the default, I can't find any encoding attribute on the NetServer configuration.  (In experimenting, I had
> changed the encoding property to EBCDIC on the jcifs side before I realised that it seemed to be a 7.0 feature.)
> Thanks
> David Tooke
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> > 
> > Mike,
> > 
> > I think I found the problem. At least, I found the solution...I'm still not sure what the problem was.
> > 
> > On the NETSERVER configuration, the domain name was set to an old domain. All our PC's were set to another domain. When I changed the NETSERVER configuration to the new domain. I was able to run
> > ListFiles on both my pc and the AS400.
> > 
> > I don't quite understand why it didn't work when I ran ListFiles directly on the AS400 previously, but it does work now. I would have thought the domain would have, in effect been irrelevant when
> > you are on a machine and talking to that same machine.
> > 
> > But, anyway, what do I know? it works now.
> > 
> It shouldn't make any difference. From the -Dlog=ALL trace you sent me it looks like the server
> is responding to the SMB_COM_NEGOTIATE reqest but jCIFS didn't read the complete
> response. It's expecting something more. We would need a packet capture to see what this
> server is really doing. Someone has a bug I think.
> Also is OS400 EBCDIC encoding? I don't think we fully abstracted the host encoding until 0.7. I
> see you're using IBM's 1.2 and jcifs-0.6.8.
> Mike
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