[jcifs] too much timeout when multithreaded

Benoit Daviaud benda472 at student.liu.se
Mon Apr 7 02:55:04 EST 2003


I have a program that is harvesting on a local network all the files that are publicly shared (that is collecting the name, path and size of the files). At the biginning, the process was just to take one host at a time and harvest it and its subdirectories recursively. Then to speed up a bit the process, I decided to launch this harvesting of a host in a separate thread and to launch a certain number of those threads (for different hosts) at the same time. Indeed, most of the time is lost waiting on timeouts. I can decide the maximum number of threads I want at a time. 

Then I've been experimenting on what happend for different maximum number of threads. It seems to work well for 10 or 20 threads. But if I try with 100 threads, I have a very high number of timeout. In fact almost no host is really harvested. I have a timeout exception almost always when getting the list of the children of the host (the shared files or directories). then I check with internet explorer the host, and I can connect some which had given me a timeout...

It's a quite strange problem. If somebody knows something about it, please tell me. 
If I'm not clear, tell me, I'll try to rexplain ...

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