[jcifs] SmbFile.listFiles() on own server takes a long time

Kid Kalanon kid_kalanon at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 30 19:12:06 EST 2002

> > >
> > >This is a name service lookup timeout. If you ex.printStackTrace()
> > >you'll see that it's failing to lookup host4.
> > >
> >
> > Yes, it did time out but it wouldn't have thrown an exception.  It would 
> > on to the next thing in the resolve order - the default was RESOLVER_DNS 
> > the call to InetAddress.getByName was successful.  So the call to 
> > was actually successful but it took a long time.
>Then    it    would    have    returned   right   away.   You   must   have
>resolveOrder=BCAST,DNS  at  least  because  it's  trying  (and  failing) to
>resolve the name using BCAST first.

Ok, I tried the setting "-Djcifs.resolveOrder=DNS,BCAST" and now it's much 
faster!  I've just found the documentation for this, which I probably should 
have read earlier.

>This  is  timing out on the broadcast lookup and they getting Access denied
>trying  to  list  shares.  Relax  your permissions or use an account on the
>machine.  You  could use the jcifs.netbios.lmhosts option to get around the
>broadcast  failure  (although it is strange that it's failing to respond to

Setting lmhosts is not appropriate for me bacause it is expected to run on 
networks without the lmhosts setup.

Yes, the last example I sent did fail with authentication error.  I seemd to 
have oversimplified it so the log won't be so long but it also produced a 
different result.  Before the authentication error though, there was a name 
lookup that did time out.

... but my problem is solved now, and I'm happy! Thanks.


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