[jcifs] jcifs problem and wins resolution

Christopher R. Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Sat Sep 28 05:17:22 EST 2002

On Thu, Sep 26, 2002 at 05:54:21PM +0200, andrea.lanza at frameweb.it wrote:
> I supposed that there could be a problem of being myself (SRVGE03) the
> master browser, but what I really didn't know was that a broadcast is
> not answered by the caller !
> I think it colud be a good idea to implement a mechanism of checking local
> netbios name table before broadcasting for a NetBIOS name.


On a Windows box you would need to find a system call.  On a server 
running Samba you would need to query Samba.  On a Macintosh running 

The only way is to send the query to the loopback address.  That works, 
but then you have the problem that you cannot separate the names 
registered on different interfaces.

I don't know if Windows can do this, but you can bind Samba to specific 
interfaces.  Because of this very problem, I am not sure whether you can 
provide a service (an SMB service or, perhaps, Local Master Browser 
service) on one interface without providing it on another.

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