[jcifs] jcifs problem and wins resolution

andrea.lanza at frameweb.it andrea.lanza at frameweb.it
Thu Sep 26 20:14:27 EST 2002

First of all, thanks a lot for all your answers.

My problem is still the same: I am not able to browse the list of
workgroups and domain
entering just smb://

I don't understand why the Wins server is not queried for the
since in my LAN the Wins server (SRVGE02) holds these entries:

Record Name       Type                    IP Address  State Static
Owner       Version           Expiration
--__MSBROWSE__-   [01h] Other         Active      8           30/09/2002 16.47.30
FRAMEWEB          [1Bh] Domain Master Browser      Active      C           30/09/2002 16.47.09
FRAMEWEB          [00h] Workgroup    Active      5           02/10/2002 11.11.37
FRAMEWEB          [1Ch] Domain Controller      Active      D           01/10/2002 16.43.52
FRAMEWEB          [1Eh] Normal Group Name    Active      1           02/10/2002 11.11.37
INet~Services           [1Ch] Domain Controller
Active        11          30/09/2002 16.47.43
IS~SRVGE03-----   [00h] WorkStation      Active      10          30/09/2002 16.47.43
LINUX1                  [00h] WorkStation    Active      33          02/10/2002 11.11.32
LINUX1                  [03h] Messenger    Active      32          02/10/2002 11.11.32
LINUX1                  [20h] File Server    Active      31          02/10/2002 11.11.32
SRVGE02           [00h] WorkStation      Active      7           01/10/2002 16.43.52
SRVGE02           [03h] Messenger      Active      3           01/10/2002 16.43.52
SRVGE02           [20h] File Server      Active      6           01/10/2002 16.43.52
SRVGE02$          [03h] Messenger      Active      2           01/10/2002 16.43.52
SRVGE03           [00h] WorkStation      Active      F           30/09/2002 16.47.06
SRVGE03           [03h] Messenger      Active      21          30/09/2002 16.47.29
SRVGE03           [20h] File Server      Active      20          30/09/2002 16.47.08
SRVGE03$          [03h] Messenger      Active      22          30/09/2002 16.47.29

My servlet runs on the SRVGE03 Windows 2000 Server PDC,
which also happens to be the DMB; IPCONFIG on SRVGE03 states also that
it is an H-node, and its Wins "client" configuration points to SRVGE02,
Windows 2000 Server DC running the Wins server service.

In conclusion:
I have the  \01\02__MSBROWSE__\02<01>  entry in my Wins Server
but even if I don't query the Wins Server:
I have the  \01\02__MSBROWSE__\02<01> registered on my network (if I type
NBTSTAT -n on SRVGE03 I see the entry)
and I should get this name via Broadcast !

I specified the following properties in my servlet:
        jcifs.Config.setProperty("jcifs.netbios.wins", "");
        jcifs.Config.setProperty("jcifs.netbios.baddr", "");
        jcifs.Config.setProperty("jcifs.resolveOrder", "WINS,DNS,BCAST");

any suggestion would be greatly appreciated !


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