[jcifs] Problems with Wins Resolution

Christopher R. Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Thu Sep 26 13:00:03 EST 2002

On Tue, Sep 24, 2002 at 03:22:47PM -0400, Michael B. Allen wrote:
> > You might be able to solve the problem by setting the
> > jcifs.smb.client.domain property to point to a PDC (any PDC) in your
> > network.
> jcifs.smb.client.domain is only used for authentication but this brings
> up a good point. We could have a jcifs.netbios.workgroup parameter to
> use with the 0x1d query. I don't think we do that now. It might work
> with jcifs.smb.client.domain but I don't recall.

My thought was that it could also be used to do a <1B> query.  The DMB 
will also have the list of workgroups available, so if you don't have an 
LMB on the local subnet at all, but you have a default workgroup and an 
NBNS, you might still have a chance of getting "SMB://" to work.

> > Mike: correct me if I'm wrong, but by setting this property I *think* that
> >       jCIFS will be able to contact the DMB for the given NT-Domain.  If
> >       my guess is right (remembering some now-ancient e'mails on the
> >       list), if the NT-Domain is set jCIFS will try querying the Domain
> >       Master Browser (the <1B> name) for the browse list.
> That is only if you specify a workgroup/server name so it doesn't apply
> to the 'smb://' only case.

...unless there was a default workgroup.  The default workgroup, by the
way, is not part of the SMB URL.  Samba and Windows have a default
workgroup already, so this would just bring jCIFS up-to-speed in that

> If you specify 'smb://foo', to find out what 'foo' is it will query for
> that name with 0x1b if you specify WINS and 0x1d if you don't. It also
> looks for the 0x20 name in concert:

Makes sense, though it might be good to look for the <1D> name first.  The 
<1D> entry will have a more up-to-date picture of the local LAN, while the 
<1B> will have a better snapshot of the NT-Domain as a whole.  Hmmm... I'm
not really sure which is better.

> AKA you don't have a local master browser (..__MSBROWSE__.<01>) to
> give you the list of domains Andrea. MS clients are installed with a
> 'workgroup' name that they can use to find a domain master browser in
> which case it doesn't need to look fot the LMB.

...but Windows clients will look for the LMB first (unless they are in P
mode).  In fact, I don't believe that a Windows M, H, or B mode node will
query the DMB directly.  They all query the LMB (which may send them to a 
backup browser).

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