[jcifs] deadlock while creating SmbFile

Allen, Michael B (RSCH) Michael_B_Allen at ml.com
Tue Sep 24 07:54:17 EST 2002

A problem with session establishment to Win2K was identified. It's a bug in Win2K.
I'm not sure if I patched this in 0.7.0b3. Keep an eye out for 0.6.6. Or look through
the mailing list archives for the patch. I think I made that information available. In
fact there's a link in there to a jar that works. Try it.

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> Hi,all!
> off-topic:Great thanks to all, who brings so nice project into real!
> It's very useful for us.
> But, I have some trouble. Sometimes my program hangs while trying to
> create SmbFile, and I have no way even terminate hung thread. There is
> no response too long(not less an half hour), and I can see "ZOMBIE"
> threads in my debug tool. Next run may be allright! But this "bug" repeats too
> oftenly, though on a particular machines and particular folders under
> W2k (mb even under other OS'es), and with some host all work fine! Should
> I post a dumps, or general solution exists?
> Thanks for any help!
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> Best regards,
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