[jcifs] Once again with feeling: SessionKey

Christopher R. Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Wed Sep 4 16:03:10 EST 2002

I sent this query last Friday.  I'm still perplexed, even after having 
read through all sorts of odd/obscure docs and ancient postings...

Clues welcome:

  There's an odd field in the Negotiate Protocol Response called the
  SessionKey field.  It does not appear to have any relationship to
  encryption or validation.  It's just a unique number generated by the
  server (W/95, for example).

  I see that it is also present in the Session Setup Andx Request.

  Is this field used, and if so how?  jCIFS doesn't echo it back to the
  server, but smbclient does (which is what I'd expect).  Yet jCIFS seems
  to work fine.

  Either the field is ignored or I'm missing something obvious.  Clues 

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