[jcifs] Regarding the SMB Messanger Service.

Christopher R. Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Sun Oct 27 07:55:27 EST 2002

I had a question regarding the 'net send' command.  Here's the response I 

Net send uses a messaging API that was developed a long time ago.  The
place to look for documentation (the only docs of which I'm aware) is:


Most of the stuff you will find there is also available from alternate
sites around the 'net.

The files you want are:

  SMBHLP.ZIP    - Contains a .HLP file.  Not easy stuff to read unless you
                  have special tools or a Windows box around.  Still, it
                  provides an overview of the messaging system.  Some day,
                  I would like to document this stuff.
  COREP.TXT     - See section 6.  This is also available as SMB-CORE.PS
  DOSEXTP.TXT   - Some docs in here as well.  Match the packets up with
                  what you see in Ethereal.

The thing to remember when working with this is that the messenger service
is *separate* from the SMB server service.  They both use SMB-shaped
messages and both ride on top of NBT...but otherwise they are separate.


I'm posting this to the jCIFS list as well, in hopes that it will be found 
useful to someone and/or that someone can help by pointing out more 

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