[jcifs] Master Browsing Caching

Matthew Tippett matthew at casero.com
Sat Oct 26 01:15:48 EST 2002

 > So you're doing the smb:// first to get the list of known workgroups,
 > then going through that list talking to the DMBs, yes?
 > Note that if you have a workgroup that isn't also an NTDomain then
 > won't be a DMB for that name.

Actually simpler than that.  All I am trying to do is generate a
complete Network Neighbourhood view of the network.  I am trying (very
hard) to stay at the SmbFile("smb://"); and then
SmbFile("smb://Domain1"); and then SmbFile("smb://host1") level to find
all the domains and then find all the machines.  The simpled end result
that we want is to find all servers on the network that have a share of
a particular name.  The SmbFile (as documented) abstraction works at the
proper level for us.

 > Anyway, the solution you suggest is that, in response to 'smb://',
 > will collect a list of IP addresses of local LMBs and then query the 
 > in turn until one of them responds.

Looking at the full picture from a technical side,  I can empathise with
the way it is, so, moving forward I would re-suggest the following 
(gleaned from the responses which held reams of content):

	o SmbFile("smb://") tries to get the first list  from any LMB.
If the 
first one fails to allow a connection to retrieve, then try the next and
so on.  This allows a reliance on other LMBs understanding the topology 
of the network.  This working browser is cached and the non-working 
browser is not cached.

Thanks all for the clarification.




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