[jcifs] Master Browsing Caching

Michael B. Allen miallen at eskimo.com
Fri Oct 25 19:00:11 EST 2002

On Fri, 25 Oct 2002 01:10:21 -0500
"Christopher R. Hertel" <crh at ubiqx.mn.org> wrote:

> On Fri, Oct 25, 2002 at 01:00:11AM -0400, Allen, Michael B (RSCH) wrote:
> :
> > This is a bug in 0.7.0b5. It should try your supplied creds and if that fails
> > it should try domain "", username "", and password null which will almost
> > invariably work. I'm on a LAN with 300 domains and all the machines
> > deliberately disable GUEST. 0.6.6 works and so will 0.7.0b6.
> Really?  Kewl!
> I need to see what smbclient does because there are servers in my own home 
> which refuse to provide the browse list to smbclient.  I'll need to play 
> with the command-line options.  I should be able to reproduce the 
> "","",NULL creds.

Actually I think this is more commonly known as "anonymous" logon.

Just from playing around with examples/List.java a little it looks like
anonymous works on everything except for my NT machine which is not
a member of an NT domain. I know anonymous works on the same build if
it's a member of an NT domain. But Samba and Win98 have no problem with
it. You can even list shares.

> > 	This is not true. Names are cached for 30 seconds.
> > 	Then make cachePolicy = 5.
> Right, but he's also right that making a global change for a specific name 
> is not always good policy.
> In general, I also think that being able to access the list of IPs
> returned in response to a group name query makes some theoretical sense.  
> It would probably require another method, though.  The problem of
> collecting the list of IPs is easy in the rare cases (eg., <1C> names) in
> which WINS behaves correctly and actually keeps track of all the IPs.  It 
> is harder in the case of a broadcast query.  Do you wait the additional 
> .5sec to see if anything turns up, or do you receive the replies in a 
> separate thread and add them as they come in?
> It's late.  I'm rambling.
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