[jcifs] Master Browsing Caching

Matthew Tippett matthew.tippett at sympatico.ca
Fri Oct 25 15:12:15 EST 2002

> 	This is a bug in 0.7.0b5. It should try your supplied creds and if that fails it
> 	should try domain "", username "", and password null which will almost
> 	invariably work. I'm on a LAN with 300 domains and all the machines
> 	deliberately disable GUEST. 0.6.6 works and so will 0.7.0b6.

Okay, any ETA on 0.7.0b6?  That could be part of my problem.  (I was 
working with the latest available - 0.7.0b5 :)

> 	This is not true. Names are cached for 30 seconds.

Got me there, the time frame I was working within was about 5 seconds. 
I honestly didn't look at the cache expirey time.

>>I agree that in this case it will work, but again I fall back to what is
>>the intent?  Do you want to confirm that the string in the name is the
>>same *object*, or do you want to confirm that the string is the name is
> 	Both. I *know* they're the same object so they are equivalent.

It was an aside, and I understand that they are equivalent, it is just 
something that I guess my programming eye is very sensitive too.

>>  Although it isn't a real issue, I have found more than my
>>share of subtle bugs in other peoples code that came down to the
>>assumption that a string read from the wire can be compared with a
>>constant with the '==' operator.
> 	The MSBROWSE_NAME is never read off the wire. If it were then a logical
> 	comparison would certainly fail.

The examples are not in jCIFS, it was in some code that inherited from 
another developer, in particular it was to do with a rarely used header 
that caused us a disprportionate amount of grief :)..


Matthew 'Beaten down to one line responses :)' Tippett

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