[jcifs] SMB URL parsing [jcifs-0.7.0b5 released]

Christopher R. Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Wed Oct 23 14:43:17 EST 2002

On Tue, Oct 22, 2002 at 11:46:54PM -0400, Allen, Michael B (RSCH) wrote:
> > It is also not clearly defined by the SMB URL specification.  That is:
> > what is the meaning of "smb://name" + ".."?
> > 
> 	This will become smb://name/. Note that if this had been
> 	smb://server/path/to/name + .. you would get smb://server/path/ because
> 	name did not end with a slash. If you had smb://server/path/to/name/
>       + .. this would give smb://server/path/to/. Gotcha!

Ah, but that's the problem.

Okay, first let's correct my syntax.  If you have

  smb://name/ + ..

What do you get?  I say that since "smb://" is a legitimate SMB URL it is 
not unreasonable to expect smb://name/ + .. to result in smb://

In fact, if <name> is a workgroup name, then I would *want* the result to 
be smb:// instead of the same workgroup.  How else do I move from a 
listing of a given workgroup "up" to a list of available workgroups?

Again, this is all a result of overloading the SMB URL.

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