[jcifs] Alternative to jcifs.http.NtlmHttpFilter

Eric Glass eglass1 at attbi.com
Wed Oct 23 09:57:27 EST 2002

On Tue, 2002-10-22 at 19:17, Allen, Michael B (RSCH) wrote:
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> > I thought about this as well -- one thing that might be 
> > useful would be to include the HttpServletRequestWrapper 
> > in the filter (to provide getPrincipal(), getRemoteUser
> > (), etc.),
> > 
> 	Not sure what you mean by this. Do you mean include the
> 	HttpServletRequestWrapper class with the jCIFS package?

I just meant a wrapper subclass to provide the principal -- I see this
made it into 0.7.0b5 as "NtlmHttpServletRequest".

> >  but then set the "NtlmHttpFilter" session 
> > flag to the principal name (i.e., 'DOMAIN\user') instead 
> > of just the string "1".  That way, it provides a quick 
> > and dirty means of obtaining that information under 2.2-.
> > 
> 	Actually I did change the attribute name to NtlmHttpAuth
> 	and I put the NtlmPasswordAuthentication object in the
> 	session instead of "1". I realize this was the sort of thing
> 	that got me in trouble the last time but take a look. I think
> 	you'll agree it should work just fine. 

Yes, I think that most of the issues stemmed from having the negotiation
rely on the session; with the new stuff, the worst case (if the client
can't accept the session) is just that the authentication gets
renegotiated each time.  This shouldn't be an issue, since no state is
maintained during the authentication.

> 	retrive that. It now implements java.security.Principal so I
> 	need to put that in the session so I can pass it to the
> 	NtlmHttpServletRequest (a.k.a your NtlmRequest). Doing
> 	this avoids performing NTLM SSP with each and every
> 	request which is noticably slower and provides the
> 	getRemoteUser functionality at the same time.

I liked your take on having NtlmPasswordAuthentication implement
Principal, by the way -- I thought that was clever.  I haven't had a
chance to do any real testing yet, but from what I've seen so far it
looks great.


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