[jcifs] Java implementation of server

Serge Knystautas sergek at lokitech.com
Sun Oct 6 11:22:10 EST 2002

Well, basically I want to have a virtual file system exposed to people over
smb/cifs.  Mind you this is mostly theoretical and just stuff to do as a
hobby for now.  I've got a content management system that I'd like to let
our employees browse, and while webfolders are now available and let me do
that, it would be even nicer (in my opinion) if we could just browse them
with cifs shares.  More recently, I've been thinking about a backup system.
As a feature of the retrieval process, there would be these dynamic
read-only shares, and when you browse to that share, some java code would
run to decompress, unencrypt, and reconstruct a bunch of deltas to make the
complete file that was backed up.

Anyway, but in a nutshell, let me use java code to serve virtual folders and

Serge Knystautas
Loki Technologies
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> > Serge Knystautas wrote:
> >
> > Are there any implementations in Java of a CIFS server?  I've seen JLAN
> > (a bit pricey for me), but don't know if anybody has written anything
> > open source.  I couldn't find anything on the listserv, and google only
> > found an email back in '99 on the topic.  Any good leads?
> Plain text is good.
> Regarding Java-based SMB servers...  I have not heard of any other than
> jLAN.
> A lot depends on what you are trying to accomplish, however.  If you want
> server, then Samba is probably your best bet.  If you want to integrate
> services into web pages, then you might find that an SMB server is not
> you really need.
> Explain your goals and perhaps we'll be able to be of more help.
> Chris -)-----

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