[jcifs] 0.7.0 release schedule

ivo.vdmaagdenberg at pandora.be ivo.vdmaagdenberg at pandora.be
Fri Nov 22 20:22:00 EST 2002


i am employing the jcifs-0.7.0b8 to do NTLM-authentication of users on our
domaincontroller from within a j2ee container (tomcat 4.0.4). i works,
which is great altogether! 

but, since the jcifs 0.7.0 package is in beta i looked on the jcifs
website to find out when the release date could be for 0.7.0.: not found.

the point is that my boss, sysadmins and me too don't really like to
employ beta version software in a production environment.

No good deed goes unpunished.
		-- Clare Booth Luce

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