[jcifs] Help!! SMBException

Christopher R. Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Wed Nov 13 15:12:15 EST 2002

> "Lotspeich, Melodie" wrote:
> Hello.  Recently installed JCIFS and I'm having problems with the
> following syntax.  I have tried many many variations on this and I'm
> getting an SMBException...either can't find the Network name or Access
> denied.  I've tried my local box, servers I can ping to, pretty much
> everything.  I have also tried with and without the Wins line.
> I'm stuck!!!  Thanks for any assistance!
> SmbFileInputStream in = new
> SmbFileInputStream("smb://username:password@host/c/My
> Documents/somefile.txt" );
> Melodie Lotspeich
> eBusiness

Text is good.  HTMLmail is icky.

Anyway...  Are you having trouble with your own program, or one of the
example programs that come with jCIFS?  Which version of jCIFS?  The 0.6.7
release is the current 'production' version, and the 0.7.0 series is still
labeled 'beta'.  Also, which Java implementation and version?

If you haven't already, I would try using either the List.java or the
Exists.java tool to test that things work correctly.  These tools work well
for most of us, and provide a good baseline for debugging.

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