[jcifs] Upper-casing the username and password.

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> Mike, et. al.,
> No further news on whether the username should be upcased in the
	You could test by removing the toUpperCase on line 109 in

> SESSION_SETUP_ANDX but I found this in the smbclient(1) man page:
>               Note:  Some servers (including OS/2 and Windows for
>               Workgroups) insist on an uppercase password. Lower
>               case  or  mixed  case  passwords may be rejected by
>               these servers.
> So that's why W/9x up-cases plaintext passwords.  jCIFS only speaks the
> NT LM 0.12 dialect, however, so we can't talk to those older systems
> anyway.  That means that it probably doesn't matter.  The SNIA doc uses
> the name "CaseInsensitivePassword" for the ANSI password field, which
> suggests that, in plaintext mode, it doesn't matter whether the password
> is upcased or not.  The server will do a case-insensitive comparison to
> see if it's valid.  That's all guess-work, mind you, but as theories go
> it seems to be holding up.
	In NT+ passwords are case sensitive.

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