[jcifs] Upper-casing the username and password.

Christopher R. Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Mon Nov 11 07:16:54 EST 2002

Mike, et. al.,

No further news on whether the username should be upcased in the
SESSION_SETUP_ANDX but I found this in the smbclient(1) man page:

              Note:  Some servers (including OS/2 and Windows for
              Workgroups) insist on an uppercase password. Lower­
              case  or  mixed  case  passwords may be rejected by
              these servers.

So that's why W/9x up-cases plaintext passwords.  jCIFS only speaks the
NT LM 0.12 dialect, however, so we can't talk to those older systems
anyway.  That means that it probably doesn't matter.  The SNIA doc uses
the name "CaseInsensitivePassword" for the ANSI password field, which
suggests that, in plaintext mode, it doesn't matter whether the password
is upcased or not.  The server will do a case-insensitive comparison to
see if it's valid.  That's all guess-work, mind you, but as theories go
it seems to be holding up.

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