[jcifs] .freeDiskSpace()

andrea.lanza at frameweb.it andrea.lanza at frameweb.it
Thu Nov 7 21:23:30 EST 2002

Hi, I just downloaded (1 hour ago..) new jcifs_0.7.0b7 version.
Previously I had jcifs_0.7.0b3 version.

I found that method isWorkgroup() does not exist anymore: no problem, it
was deprecated
ad I substituted that with a  (getType() == SmbFile.TYPE_WORKGROUP)  test.

But my problem is:
where does it go freeDiskSpace() method of SmbFile class ????

I didn't see any deprecation notice before !

In the changes.txt file I only found an entry of addition of this method
in release jcifs-0.7.0b dated Thu Aug  8 04:05:28 EDT 2002

Where am I doing wrong ???



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