[jcifs] Problem connecting to NetWare

Allen, Michael B (RSCH) Michael_B_Allen at ml.com
Tue May 21 08:55:51 EST 2002

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> Sent:	Monday, May 20, 2002 9:46 AM
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> Subject:	Re: [jcifs] Problem connecting to NetWare
> The attached zip file contains the log and the two data files.
	The trace looks right but each file has an extra byte appended. So far they have
	been '`', 'O', and '\n'. I suspect this is simply garbage left in memory. This could
	be a bug in Netware. The best way to proceed is to get a packet trace with
	Netmon and check to make sure the byteCount fields are really 363 and 364. I
	fear Netware may be ignoring the those fields and using the end of the packet


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