[jcifs] Session Service Retarget messages.

Christopher R. Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Fri May 17 17:03:12 EST 2002

I've been playing with Session Service retarget messages.  (RFC1002, section
4.3.5).  The basic idea is simple.  When the client connects to
the server, the server may send back a message saying "try again, using IP
<xx.yy.zz.qq> on port <pp>".

In my testing, the smbclient program from Samba will respect the retarget
message, and so does Windows/98.  The only thing needed is some form of name
resolution (I tested by using nmbd without smbd running).

It's interesting, I think.  There are some subtle implications (such as the
ability to do load balancing and the possibility that users could run SMB
services on high-numbered ports...).

Mike: do we recognize/support retarget messages?

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